Ask the experts on how to file your back taxes

A gutter cleaner ask the experts on how to file back taxes

gutter cleaner confused about taxesMarc, a gutter cleaner who was self-employed in Houston needs to file his tax returns. Last year there was a gutter cleaner who lost his paperwork in a huge flood in Houston. He couldn’t get on time to file his return either simply because his business was picking up so much. Luckily, the IRS had not noticed that he filed taxes, so he forgot about it too, and ignore it for few months.

After six months passed then there was a letter from Internal Revenue Service in the mailbox. Marc has seen the letter however he chose to ignore it and left it above the fridge. This wasn’t intentional because his wife kept asking him to fix the garage. At the same time, there were more customers asking for a gutter cleaner to clean their house. Marc forgot about his taxes which was above the fridge and kept taking care of his Gutter Cleaning Customers.

What happens when ignoring IRS initial letter?

Two months passed and gutter cleaning business was good. Internal Revenue Service started sending their second notice and third. Marc and his wife ignored the letter again since they were very busy with other tasks. After a while, Marc decided to hire tax services in Houston work on his taxes for him, however, he lost track of it for a short while. Internal Revenue Service continues to sending letters, but at this time Marc wasn’t even sure what to do with them.

Finally, Marc picked up a notice on a Saturday morning to see what was going on. He was surprised and shocked to find out IRS asking for 500,000 dollars for the back taxes. He read the letter multiple times, but nothing changed and still it was 500,000 dollar. Feeling down, sad, and angry Marc hid the letter from his wife and took it on his own to fix the issue in the meantime.

Final Results

Since Marc chose to ignore to file his income tax returns, Internal Revenue Service filed his taxes without claiming any deduction and making him owe a lot of taxes. At this time Marc the letters seriously and didn’t ruin his chances. With lots of tax help, his unfiled income tax returns were officially prepared by a professional tax preparation services in Houston and his missing books and records were reconstructed. When the final taxes was filed by a tax attorney he was able to fight the IRS audit and owe only a few thousand in taxes.