DIY Gutter Cleaning

That’s awesome- You plan to perform gutter cleaning yourself! Of course, we prefer you give us a call. But it’s great you want to do it yourself plan to follow this safety tips.

DIY Gutter Cleaning

1. Safety first!

Most important thing is that you finish the job safety. Use the ladder that is sturdy and have a leg leveler. This may be the best important decision for DIY gutter cleaning. You must set up the ladder properly to avoid falling. If you don’t have a leg leveler use a second person to hold the ladder for you. This must be followed every time you are cleaning a second, or third story house. That is must be followed when muds in the ground around the Houston slippery.

Defend your eyes by using the usage of protection goggles. When cleaning gutters debris, dirt, muds, and sticks, sticks out. Make sure you eyes are protected in this case.

2. What you’ll need:

Never clean your gutters with hand. Always protect your hands with working gloves which can be bought from HomeDepot. You can use your hand to scoop out the trash. If you are uncomfortable cleaning with hand, you can use a small garden shovel or Gutter scoop. For a very tough to reach try to use a gutter vacuum that can reach. Never use a pressure washer to clean gutters. A pressure washer will spray all the dirt and muds on your windows and walls and makes more mess. For the downspouts, you can use a professional gutter snake, or use your own water hose. Pushing the water hose down the gutters will get rid of 90% of all the mods.

3. Be efficient:

The quickest way to clean gutters is to take few bag to the roof and clean them as you go. When you are on the roof or ladder put the trash in the plastic bag and drop them down. You can use a hook to hold the connect the bag to the ladder or put them in your back pocket. This technique helps to avoid dropping all the trash on the floor. The less mess means less time on the cleaning later.

To save more time start from the side that downspout is. With this method, once you reach the end of gutters, you can easily wash the trash out.

Make sure once you are washing the gutters check for leaks. When you do that you realize if there are gutter repairs if necessary.

We want to make your job easier. Here is are some of the tools that you need:

sturdy ladder
S hooks
work gloves
safety goggles
hand shovel
water hose
drain snake
trash bags

Enjoy the gutter cleaning if you do it yourself or plan to contact Gutter Cleaning Houston.